Friday, 30 January 2015

Balik Kampung to Penang 2014

We went back to Penang (again) last December.
No, we are not Penangites but going there feels like home for both Hubs and I.
Perhaps we should plan our retirement by keeping the condo in Penang. Or trade up for a beachfront home :)

I met up with fellow blogger and cyber world-turned friend Rebecca Sia. So nice to meet you, (if you are reading this). And thanks for introducing us to the yummy char kuey teow shop.

The hawker food in Penang is to die for. Gained at least 1 kilos from eating non-stop. Haha.
 This time, we actually got around to do some fun touristy stuff. A quickie post just so that my kids can read about it in the future.

It was extremely humid.
And I heard that because of that, some people look fatter in pictures.
Yup, that's why I looked fat.
Lucky Tiger, it didn't affect him , at all.

His fav mural.
He was still in the minion phase then.
Now, in January, it's Mr Men.
Kids.,,,no loyalty at all.

Someone wasn't pleased even though we bought her a Frozen umbrella.
It was rm12, my dear.
Your grandmother, my own mother would have given me a slap and a loud, "No!"
if I even asked.

We took pictures with half of the murals on Day 1.
It was toooooo hot.

So much so, we couldn't walk back and we took a couple of trishaws.
Tiger was so thrilled by the ride.

Dragon girl wanted to either jump off the ride or kill someone.

 We stayed at Hard Rock Penang.
 I know, we are very boring people :)
The girl refused to swim, just like the brother at this age.

Tiger is much braver this time.
The cold, rain and sand didn't bother him much,


Our trip to Bukit Bendera.
It ended at this point. 
There were too many people, so we took a few pictures and erm,
  went shopping at the new mall.

It drizzled but we still wrecked havoc at the pool area.
 My future acrobat.
Actually, she can join now if she wants.
Her skills are just mind blowing.

The cheeky monkey.

Round 2 of our picture taking.
Because we got lost. Haha. And ended up there again :p
Which is a good thing because we took the bicycle this time!
I love this pic. Not because I terkangkang but it's an optical illusion.
I bet you thought Tiger was patting the sister's head in a sayang-sayang manner right?
Nope. He was actually pushing her away and I was yelling at him to stop it. :)

When seated, they look like twins.

More swimming for the boys while I napped by the pool.
I love family holidays.
It is definitely one of our best trip ever.

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