Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Kindergarten: The Days Before School Starts.

Yesterday, I brought Tiger to the Kindergarten (again).
Third time. Ahem. I know. Psycho.

A tired looking teacher greeted me at the door at about 5.45 pm. Our conversation was carried out in my elementary Chinese:
Me: Hi, I would like to register my son.
Tired teacher: How old is he?
Me: Erm...five.
Tired teacher: Why didn't you register in the beginning of the year?
Me: He said he wasn't ready. So I wanted to give him some time.
Tired teacher nearly rolled her eyes at me. Instead, she took a deep breath and said:
They adjust quickly. Don't worry. *Oooooo....Chinese Military Style teacher. Okay.*
Me: By the way, we are only starting in March.
She gave me another silent eye roll and said: Here, fill up the form.

There is a column for "Special needs/requirement". I contemplated.
I may need another piece of paper for that. Haha. But I left it blank. There is no need for preconceived notions about him, right?

So, we left with a new bag, a cap, 2 sets of new uniforms, a lunch bag filled with 3 bowls, 3 spoons and a heavy heart.
My baby is going to school and I cannot read the instruction manual that came with it. *cries*.
So last night, we worked on our Chinese before our Tutti Fruitti date.

Things you see in the picture:
Green sandpaper Chinese 'pi hua' aka strokes
Blue sandpaper Chinese character parts
Chinese strokes magnetic puzzle (as a guide for ME)
Samsung S3 for my pleco app which is not as useful as my MIL.

This morning, Tiger woke up real early. Usually he will come into my room for a cuddle. Today?
"Darling, baby, sweeeeeetie, honey pie?"
When I went downstairs, gone was his cheeky but shy smile. 
I gave him a bear hug and said:
"Darling, you are not going to school today. You are going to Bao Bei."
He replied softly, "It's okay. I just want Nai Nai. (grandma)"
"You want your milk?"
"No. I am not hungry. I want Nai Nai."
"Okay. She will back in a jiffy. I love you. Do you want to play outside?"
"No. I just want to lie down here."

Great. Depression. At 5 years old. I really hope he enjoys this kindergarten I picked. Play-based, Chinese speaking, no homework, no emphasis on writing, lots of pretend play, etc.

Or....it may be the uniform he's dreading. I mean the kindy attire is seriously ugly. I cannot even look at it without cringing. I am going to note that down in my feedback form. After all, under the column for Mother's Occupation, I wrote 'fashion designer/doctor'. Usually, I write housewife or sexy secretary. Or executive chef. Or air stewardess.

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